Thursday, December 11, 2008

'StumbleUpon' web is not boring

Nothing to do!!!!
Bored out surfing shi* on web!!!
Need to find something new!! something beautiful!! something informative!!
i have an answer STUMBLE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes stumble upon is the next thing you will love to do while on internet .Huh !! you must be thinking whats all stumbleupon is its a 'social networking + webs best' kinda which you will able to find the best websites of your interest as well as make new friends on .All you need to do is go to and signup ,download toolbar ,and hippyyyy!! click stumble button and here you go ,the best websites collected over internet by users will be after you then if you like website click thumbs up or thumbs down if you didnt like it.Thats how it works,Stumbleupon is very good for bloggers as well as other website owners as they can submite their own website and get some extra traffic too.
so go stumble it!!!!!!!
i give it 4.5 out of 5