Sunday, October 26, 2008

SpeedBit Video Accelerator 'Youtube will not Stuck Now'

Hello guys ,hope you all are doing well ,So today the software i am going to talk about it SpeedBit Video Accelerator .Approximately 90% of Internet users have a problem that when they use youtube ,the videos get stuck and they just pause it have a cup of coffee and then play it again ,and for that they almost loss their interest in that video ,so for that 90% of people i will recommend Speedbit Video Accelerator .According to Speedbit Representatives ,it increases the downloading speed of video by making parallel connections to the server and results in 400% to 1000% increase in downloading speed , so Now you can enjoy the videos without any pauses the latest beta version works with metacafe, youtube, dailymotion and Grouper which includes all the top video sharing websites ,So guys stop pausing start watching ,download it from .Here is a screenshot
I give it 4.5 out of 5

Friday, October 24, 2008

'Counter Strike :online' is on the way

The best news for all first person shot game lovers ,and even shooters ,policemen ,lol .Anyways 'counter strike :online' is on the way and if you didn't have played any of its old version then dood 'go and get a life' .Although the game has not yet released ,but it is believed that the game will be released by the end of 2008 .As the dirty history of Counter Strike tells ,it would be a hit once again . If you don't know i would like to tell you that the game was derived by modifying a game known as 'Half life',and soon the mod was toping the charts ,and then this mod was derived and made it official and counter strike generated ,then in 2004 'counter strike :condition zero' came and the 'source' version came ,and after that ,the guys introduced '1.6' ,and now its turn of 'Online' .So grab your seats and wait for the official announcement of the game....and hers a official trailer available on internet..

I give it 4 out of 5

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Reviewing ' Mylot '

Hello to all my readers ,this time I am with a website called 'Mylot' . 'Mylot' is a 'paid to post' website ,which pays for your activities ..heres a quick review for that ..
What I think about mylot is , it isn't about making some bucks out of it but its about enjoying there .Seriously like most of the people do , I went there to make some bucks out of it ,but soon i noticed that i was not looking at my balance ,actually i was enjoying the thing ....that was what i think about mylot .I just made a new topic there about what people think about mylot ,and here are there repliesI give it 4.5 out of 5
To join Mylot go to

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pocket projecter -Theater anywhere..

Good news guys .....firebox is releasing its all new pocket cinema system.I think it will be best for all business guys ,for there presentations ,even for teenagers like me ,who like to go to a forest day out.And i wonder ,i ll be enjoying movies in forest out there,with a fear to be eaten by a loin .hehee....anyways here is a review for this product.

Dimensioned 12.5cm (L) x 5.5cm (W) x 2.3cm (D) ,the all new pocket projector weighs only 100gm ,its size is not more than that of a mobile phone ,i think size is less then that of my flap mobile ,anyways ,the best thing that in noticed about it is ,it chucks out the image about 50" wide ,WOW,now we can get a bigscreen action anywhere ,it comes with built in sterio speekers ,a tripod and even a remote controller ,even it is compatible with game consoles and DVD players via works with Li-ion rechargeable battery (NP-120 1600mAh)...the only thing i noticed which was disappointing is its battery life ,its just 60 Min ,so if you plan a movie in a forest like i ll do ,you have to grab more batteries for that .. 

I give it 3 out of 5

Monday, October 20, 2008

Audacity-Now even a child can edit sound...or even remix songs

Hello to all of my readers ,today I am going to review a software called 'Audacity' ,which is made to record sounds,edit them and to export them,i have been using this software to remix songs too from last two years.I discovered it while reading a computer based magazine ,and without thinking twice ,i just downloaded it ,and started using it for making some DJ clips out of it,even my friends were amazed listening that songs,the best thing about the software is ,its open source free software and it can produce all kind of effects ,like slowing down music slowly,randomly speaker playing,if you are looking to cut some ringtones ,then it will be the best software when you open up the software and load a mp3 file then waves are provided of that music for clear you know i don't consume your valuable time by writing longer posts and boring you people ,i only talk to point so guys who are interested to make some new clips out of it go download it from

I give it 4 out of 5

and note .To export the modified file into mp3 format you need to download lame for that ,which is also available on the website for free ..

Here is a screenshots for you guys

please comment ,you dont need to go to everest for it ....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Team Viewer -Controlling a Computer from another

Hello to all my readers ...its been just three days after starting my blog ,its just rocking ,so today i 
am going to tell you about 'Team Viewer'.this software can be used to take control over a computer anywhere on the Internet.The best thing i loved about it is ,it just looks like you are using your another computer on your computer..all you need to do is share the password given to get access over your partner's computer,or allow him to control over your also contains option to transfer files to your partner's computer or grab from it .The best thing is if you are tired of installing softwares ,it don't need to be installed ,its portable,and size is just 2.2MB,easy to use and friendly,and FREE ,yes free but only for non commercial uses,i used it while telling my friend about orkut,and ended corrupting his computer by deleting his system files,heheheh...while using it, the thing i was disappointed was , we cant play movies and sounds on controlled computer..but still i loved it You can download it from
I Give it 4.5 out of 5

Some screen shots for you guys...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Feelings for ' Google Chrome '

Congratulations to my dear, Internet Explorer,Mozilla firefox,opera and Safari ,you have a new member in your family ' Google Chrome '.I dont know why google launched its new browser ,while its firefox was rocking the charts,with over 125 million users .Google is saying that there was a need of chrome because ,in todays web world ,browsing is not really about viewing pages,its about applications ,huh....Anyways here is the review....................

hmmm the look of the browser is awsome ,but it don't  have  theme options as mozilla  has ,although some third parties have introduced a theme changing software for it,which has black theme as default, matching your vista window.While coming to features ,the thing i loved the most 
is its option to open a link in 'incognito' window ,when you right click a link ,you get this option ,while using 'incognito' indow ,what ever you browse ,it will not store in your 'history' as well as 'cokkies'.This is the best option for family computing teenagers,dont ask me the reson now, second thing i loved the most is ,it dont have any file, edit etc.. menu ,due to which you have a larger screen to work out ,over all it works good ,but it sometimes freezes while using youtube ,i donno why ,i don't know if this happens with you ..
i give it 4 out of 5

Max Payne 'The Movie'

Ok ,so finaly after long hours of designing ,this blog is now compleated and its time for the first post which is about new upcoming movie "Max Payne" released in australia on 16th and will be released in USA on 17th of this month

..before the full review here is the trailer of the movie..

Max payne was first introduced as a game in 2001 and then the second volume came in 2008 ,and now its a 'Game Turned Movie'.so without boring you heres the review

"Max Payne" is just a straight-up action picture. Max(Mark Wahlberg) is an NYPD detective still searching for the killers of his wife and infant son years later.Max teams up with Russian mob assassin Mona Sax (Mila Kunis), whose sister (new Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko) was killed in a way that may tie her to Max's family. Mona(Kunis) is incredibly sexy with her luxurious, dark hair and knee-high black boots, but it's impossible to take her seriously as a machine gun-toting enforcer. When she screams at Max in a dark alleyway, "Kneel the (expletive) down!" it sounds like her "Family Guy" character, Meg, yelling at younger brother Chris for embarrassing her at the mall.heheheheee....
So Max Payne is a PG-13 movie begging for an R. Max Payne isn't the worst video-game movie adaptation. The acting's not bad, overall; the shootouts work. But as good as a couple of its action beats are, Max still suffers from the heartlessness that makes games emotionally inferior to movies. Nobody ever shed a tear over a video-game character's death.
Over all rating of the movie is 2 out of 5..