Thursday, November 13, 2008

Reviewing ' Ciao '

Many teenagers ,i must say most of the teenagers looking for a geniune and fast, online money making program .And i must say the search ends here .yeppy!!!!.you must have gone through sites like ,neobux ,mylot etc...But they don't make too much of money without any investment ,or you are required to have some huge amount of referrals,which i think is the most boring work on internet ,after all its all for fun ,enjoyment and off course the money .So after all this the thing is Ciao!! yes ,you must have at least 50 electric products at your home including your present as well as past mobiles ,cameras ,tvs ,computers,etc... So all you have to do is write about the products ,that's it and for each 1 review you write you get $.25 + some more cents based on ratings for that review,and after all products are over ,just review movies(just a suggestion !!) .More money can be made by rating other peoples reviews .the minimum payout is just $5 ,which i think you can complete within 3 days and this all is FREE.Also no more payment dues because it completes all the payments till 15th of each month and pays you by paypal .Just forget a word called SPAM!! because ciao is the property of MICROSOFT !! yes you saw right ,its owned by microsoft.So after this all ,you can join the program by clicking here ,and please make sure you join the program by clicking here only,because it takes long time to write such kinda review I give the website 5 out of 5 please comment if you found it useful YOU ARE LUCKY IF YOU ARE READING IT


anshul said...

Thx buddy It seems very interesting budddy I will check it for sure. But i have seen found these type of money making sites before but were only for U.S residents i think. But this seems to be from any other country.

Can i join it from india.

Anonymous said...

I m also an Indian ,go join it bro.

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

I dont know why teenagers should be looking for money making schemes. I think they should concentrate on their college education. A good education will get them lots of money and also help them come up with good technology ideas. Anyway ciao seems to have hit on an interesting concept.