Friday, October 17, 2008

Max Payne 'The Movie'

Ok ,so finaly after long hours of designing ,this blog is now compleated and its time for the first post which is about new upcoming movie "Max Payne" released in australia on 16th and will be released in USA on 17th of this month

..before the full review here is the trailer of the movie..

Max payne was first introduced as a game in 2001 and then the second volume came in 2008 ,and now its a 'Game Turned Movie'.so without boring you heres the review

"Max Payne" is just a straight-up action picture. Max(Mark Wahlberg) is an NYPD detective still searching for the killers of his wife and infant son years later.Max teams up with Russian mob assassin Mona Sax (Mila Kunis), whose sister (new Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko) was killed in a way that may tie her to Max's family. Mona(Kunis) is incredibly sexy with her luxurious, dark hair and knee-high black boots, but it's impossible to take her seriously as a machine gun-toting enforcer. When she screams at Max in a dark alleyway, "Kneel the (expletive) down!" it sounds like her "Family Guy" character, Meg, yelling at younger brother Chris for embarrassing her at the mall.heheheheee....
So Max Payne is a PG-13 movie begging for an R. Max Payne isn't the worst video-game movie adaptation. The acting's not bad, overall; the shootouts work. But as good as a couple of its action beats are, Max still suffers from the heartlessness that makes games emotionally inferior to movies. Nobody ever shed a tear over a video-game character's death.
Over all rating of the movie is 2 out of 5..


Anshul said...

Hey Thanx Budy For this movie information.It seems a good movie.

khalifiani said...

A good blog. I also blog about movies. but more on the documentary film. hollywood movies always confiscate my attention. Movie-themed movies that the police always interesting with the action meneganggakn and road stories that fascinate. read the post you may soon be watching my movies with my pacara course. awaited the next post.

BloodShyne===== said...

Exellent artical and I love this blog..might have to give this a try myself sometime nice going so far. ;-)} ,And I can't wait to go see the Max Pain movie in theaters, I always loved the games aswell and played all 3 of them when they were out for the xbox. If the movies anything like the game it's going to be amazing the game was always so raw and gritty,with the scenery and occasinal vogor while still maintaining a very interesting story line.

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

2/5 I guess then we shouldnt waste our time watching this movie!

But why did you make this the first least you could have reviewed a better movie if it was a movie review that you wanted to start with?