Monday, October 20, 2008

Audacity-Now even a child can edit sound...or even remix songs

Hello to all of my readers ,today I am going to review a software called 'Audacity' ,which is made to record sounds,edit them and to export them,i have been using this software to remix songs too from last two years.I discovered it while reading a computer based magazine ,and without thinking twice ,i just downloaded it ,and started using it for making some DJ clips out of it,even my friends were amazed listening that songs,the best thing about the software is ,its open source free software and it can produce all kind of effects ,like slowing down music slowly,randomly speaker playing,if you are looking to cut some ringtones ,then it will be the best software when you open up the software and load a mp3 file then waves are provided of that music for clear you know i don't consume your valuable time by writing longer posts and boring you people ,i only talk to point so guys who are interested to make some new clips out of it go download it from

I give it 4 out of 5

and note .To export the modified file into mp3 format you need to download lame for that ,which is also available on the website for free ..

Here is a screenshots for you guys

please comment ,you dont need to go to everest for it ....


winzpc said...

Nice info, I usually use wave editor from nero. After I see your review, I will try it.

Sofhal Jamil said...

It's nice post. Tks for sharing it. Keep on doing!!!